What’s Holding You Back from Sharing Your Light with the World?

Hi Friends,
Manifesting our dreams – it’s a hot topic in the world right now. It seems as though everyone is talking about it…. How do we transform our greatest desires, hopes and dreams into physical reality?

Many of us know what we desire, but there’s that something or somethings that keep tripping us up and holding us back from actually bringing it forth into this three dimensional Earth plane.

This has been the story of my life in regards to my career…

I have always dreamed of bringing my mediumship and psychic gifts to the masses, to be of service to others. And yet, just as soon as that desire would appear in my mind, it was quickly silenced by my Ego.

Ah yes – the dreaded Ego, the internal naysayer – telling me that it simply wasn’t possible. The thought of putting my face out in the limelight for the public to see – with a giant overbite and multiple physical “imperfections”? Oh no, no, no! And there was more…I wasn’t pretty enough, I wasn’t qualified, I didn’t look the part, I wasn’t “cool” enough…and the list went on and on.

Now most of us – when confronted with the Ego – tend to initially believe what it says. We give credence to the Naysayer. After all, he or she sounds quite sensible, quite logical. But the truth of the matter is that the Ego is the one part of us that is unaligned with Holy Spirit, disconnected from eternal Truth, filled with fear and doubt.

It’s your Ego that says NO…. However, it’s God and Holy Spirit that says YES!

As I was preparing to launch my business and my website, I was forced to deal with my own Ego in a serious way. I initially waivered, doing everything I could to slow the process. I was afraid.

But this time, something very different occurred. When that ‘ole Ego came a knocking with its negativity – and boy did it ever – I responded differently. Instead of backing down and giving into my fears, I instead began to question their logic. I literally looked myself in the eye in my bathroom mirror one day and began speaking to them (my fears).

The conversation went a little something like this…. “Carrie – you are so beautiful, so articulate, so passionate when you speak. Why are you allowing these concerns to define what you do in this world and what you are meant to become? The world needs your love and light, Carrie. Do you hear that? In the end, it cares nothing about your looks. It’s your beaming energy and radiant love that are meant to define you. Go forward, beautiful one, and Embrace. Your. Calling.”

After that conversation with my Ego, something inside me began to shift.

I felt stronger, more empowered. I allowed the manifestation process to unfold without any judgements. I got out of my own way. And by doing so, I opened the door for the Universe to work its magic!

If you too are struggling with sharing your light with the world, try following these steps:
1. Invite your fears to dinner – Yes, that’s right! Invite them in for a little chat. Enjoy a meal together. Interview them. Ask them what they’re so afraid of. Understanding our fears is the first step to working with them and diminishing their influence.

2. Shower your fears with love – Give your fears a sympathetic hug. Show them some compassion and understanding. Giving love to our fears always helps to break down the barriers to love’s presence.

3. Find your heart’s center and step into the driver’s seat – Invite your fears to take a back seat. Reassure them that you – the sane, competent adult – can lead the way. Take charge and move forward with faith, remembering your own divine worthiness and readiness.

Have courage, dear friend! And remember, if you’re needing more support and guidance with bringing your brilliant, unique light into this world, I can help. Contact me via my website www.carriestiers.com or by sending me a message on Instagram or Facebook and we can schedule a reading.

Light and Love to you always…