My Dear Friends…
This summer, the world witnessed the worst U.S. mass shooting of all time at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida – just an hour away from where I currently reside in Tampa, Florida.

Like all of you reading this, I was overwhelmed with grief, sadness and dismay. I recall picking up the phone and calling my dear friend, John, who had once lived and worked in Orlando and who still had many ties to that community. We processed the event together, analyzing it from many perspectives – searching for God’s divine message.

After our conversation, days and weeks passed. In late July, John asked me to join him in Orlando for his upcoming birthday. The invitation came with one important request: Could we visit Pulse Nightclub, the scene of the shootings, and pay our respects to the victims?

As a psychic medium, I’m constantly communicating with those in Spirit. As an empath, I feel and sense the emotions and energy of others. It’s a very powerful experience and sometimes can feel extremely overwhelming. In places of extreme unrest (Like Pulse Nightclub), I’m prone to what we refer to in the intuitive realm as “Psychic Attack”. It’s akin to a mini panic attack. The senses go on complete overload; the aura feels as though it is quite literally under attack.

As I drove to meet John at Pulse, my heart was initially light and free. However, as I inched closer and closer to the nightclub, my heart began to pound, my chest began to tighten, and it became harder to breath. The emotion was so intense. Oh my goodness, I thought – why did I agree to do this?
The scene at the nightclub was incredible! There were messages and gifts of love and support everywhere. Countless people stood praying and holding space for the victims and their families.
As I closed my eyes and tapped into the energy of the victims who had crossed, I was overwhelmed with a sense of incredible peace. These souls told me repeatedly that they had chosen this soul assignment as a means of bringing more awareness about fear and hatred to our world. Amazingly, there was no bitterness, no anger. Rather, they thought of themselves as teachers and healers.

Their message to all of us was so profound:
Heal yourselves. Rid yourself of the fear, anger and judgement that permeates your being. Choose to see the goodness in everyone. Have compassion for each soul you encounter as they too are hurting in some capacity, just like you. Forgive yourself for any wrong doing and remember that you are doing the best that you can. As you forgive yourself, you will then begin to forgive others. And always remember… Love is the key and love will set you free…

As John and I walked the perimeter of the club, planting rose quartz to help heal and clear the energy, I continued to tap into the energy of those who had crossed. Surprisingly, the shooter himself – Omar – was very eager to step forward. He reminded me that he too needed the prayers of everyone -impressing upon me the deep pain he experienced here on Earth and the sense that he was completely unloveable by his family as a child. He felt like a true outsider. Omar reiterated how sorry he was for what he had done. His guides stepped forward to inform me that they were working with him to help him more fully understand the magnitude of his actions.

After this surprise encounter, I reconnected with the energy of the victims to gauge their response to the information which Omar had just shared. Forgiveness was the word they repeated to me over and over again. I was shown an image of each victim speaking with Omar, shaking his hand and eventually offering him their forgiveness.

It was this vision and the many messages shared that truly began to help shift my energy and perception about this tragedy. The muscles in my body began to relax, my breathing calmed and the energy began to clear and lighten.

As John and I finished our walk around the club, we turned and said our final prayers and goodbyes. There was such a great sense of peace and understanding that a beautiful shift had just taken place.
What an experience – and one that I shall always hold very near and dear to my heart!
If you or someone you know are hurting and are still in need of support to clear the emotions associated with this tragedy or any other – please feel free to contact either myself or John at www.johnharoldmoore.com for coaching, counseling and intuitive guidance. We are here to serve you….
Sending you all my love, now and always…