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This is the true story of how one fellow soul traveled the world in search of herself and her one true calling only to find that it was in no “place”, but rather right inside her heart all along.

My journey began in rural Indiana, where I was surrounded by happy cats and cows and miles upon miles of rolling fields. Despite my connection to the beautiful environment surrounding me, I always felt different from others and longed for something more. This difference became more apparent after the passing of my beloved grandmother, Louise, at the tender age of 6. It was at her funeral that I first awakened to my connection with Spirit. While sitting in the church pew, I looked up only to discover my grandmother and her closest friends marching down the church aisle and making a place for themselves next to me. She was so excited and proud to be at her own funeral! As my grandmother turned to leave that day, she reassured me that she would always be near and that I had a special gift of sight and intuition.

Growing up as a psychic kid in Indiana was challenging and there were many days when I felt like a complete outsider. As if being a youngster wasn’t hard enough, imagine being able to feel and sense everyone’s emotions – while also seeing all of their loved ones in Spirit! In addition to coming to terms with my special gift, I was also grappling with the effects of several years of early childhood sexual abuse. The cumulative effect left me feeling unhappy, unlovable, unworthy and unsafe to practice my true calling.

Years of therapy helped me to heal much of the trauma of my childhood. However, at this point I was unsure of how I could or should make a living. Writing and teaching were my vocations and yet I still felt as though there was something missing. My search for that missing link would take me to several parts of the world – Los Angeles, Ireland, Spain, Central and South America. And yet no place, no person could seem to help me find the answers.

It wasn’t until I returned home to the States from Europe, that I finally experienced a spiritual breakthrough. It all began with an important conversation with my childhood spiritual mentor who encouraged me to release my fears and insecurities about my gifts and to start my intuitive business. Her gentle nudge came at just the right time. I began giving readings again. My clients showed up. Messages from Spirit flowed forth with ease and comfort. The fear began to subside and was replaced with a sensation of excitement and joy.

Today, I am still finding happiness and joy through connecting my clients with their loved ones in Spirit and helping them overcome any fears and doubts that may be holding them back from experiencing their true divinity here on Earth. I live near the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida where I am constantly creating and channeling beautiful messages to help others, and myself, grow and heal.

I love hearing from you so if you feel inclined, please reach out and stay in touch!

All my love,

Magical Details:

Astrology: Sun in Gemini, Moon in Aries, Virgo Rising. Mercury, Venus and Jupiter in Taurus, Mars in Leo.
Numerology: – 6 Life Path, 3 Motivation, 11 Destiny/Expression
Myers Briggs: ENFP

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Phone: 727-755-1724
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