Carrie Stiers is a natural-born psychic medium who can transcend into the spirit world and bring life-affirming messages and guidance back from your spirit guides, angels, and loved ones.

Lighthouse Community

Uplifting intuitive readings for every situation

Unsure about a big life decision? Want insight on your relationships? Need help recovering from loss? Or do you just need some encouragement and guidance? Book an online or in-person reading with Carrie.

Longing for a supportive community that understands you?

Are you looking for answers or something concrete to help you make the right decisions, heal your heart, and illuminate the path forward? Find clarity, comfort, and connections in The Lighthouse.

I created the Lighthouse to provide you with essential tools to help strengthen your connection to yourself and the Spirit World.

Led by renowned psychic medium and spiritual teacher Carrie Stiers, the Lighthouse offers hands-on, practical support and divine guidance from the Spirit world. Here, you can grow your spiritual skills, understand the world and yourself from a different perspective, and access the infinite rewards of becoming a Lightmaker.

Join a community of like-minded spiritual-seekers who want to enhance their intuition, connect to their spirit team, and deepen their self-awareness.

Hey there, I’m Carrie

Your trusted psychic medium, spiritual teacher and intuitive life coach

From the moment I communicated with my grandmother at her own funeral at the tender age of 6, I knew I was a little different. As I grew older and honed my intuitive talents, I began sharing my gift with others, helping them connect with their loved ones, angels, and spirit guides to find guidance and solace from a higher perspective. 

Think of me as your own personal support, offering sound advice directly from those in spirit who watch over you. In a positive, insightful, and healing session, I promise that you will feel clearer, calmer, and more confident about your soul’s journey. 

Ignite your intuition

Free downloads, recommended books & oracles, podcasts, self-care, and more to help you connect to spirit and further your soul’s growth.

Musings from a psychic medium

A collection of insights and guidance on intuition, energies, world events and all things spiritual.


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